Anne Hathaway At UNGA 2021: Taliban Show How Quickly Progress Towards Gender Equality Can Be Reversed

WORLD Team Latestly|

On September 23, Anne Hathaway, award-winning actor and UN women goodwill ambassador said that the whole world has taken a remarkable step to empower girls. She, however, said that there are still some areas for improvement, such as in Afghanistan where "violent extremist misogyny" is rampant. She was speaking at a session on gender at the ongoing UN General Assembly. The UN Women Goodwill Ambassador said, "We're at a global crossroads with evidence that this is both the most promising and most terrifying moment in recent memory.” Hathaway said, “Across the world women lost their jobs and income to take on childcare and homeschooling. Traditional gendered household roles rapidly became preeminent.” Anne Hathaway was appointed UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in June 2016. Watch the video to know more.

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