Largest Victories in IPL: Five Biggest Win Margins in Indian Premier League History

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The Indian Premier League is one of the most exciting domestic T20 competitions in the world and has become famous for a number of close encounters. Despite becoming synonymous with high-intensity, and edge-of-the-seat cricketing action, over the years, we have seen many encounters which have been one-way traffic with one team being head and shoulder above the other.

City Petrol Diesel
New Delhi 90.40 80.73
Kolkata 90.62 83.61
Mumbai 96.83 87.81
Chennai 92.43 85.75
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Company Price Change Value
Axis Banks 1050.00 50.00 533.00
Reliance 1050.00 33.00 533.00
Samsung 1050.00 33.00 533.00
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