LOL- Hasse Toh Phasse Crazy Chat With Sunil Grover, Aditi Mittal & Gaurav Gera


In this exclusive chat with LatestLY, seasoned comedians Sunil Grover, Aditi Mittal and Gaurav Gera talk about their unique reality show titled LOL- Hasse Toh Phasse where the participants can crack jokes, but they can't afford to laugh (let alone at themselves!) Watch what the deal is all about from those who make the entire nation crack up with their unique talents.

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New Delhi 96.41 87.28
Kolkata 96.34 90.12
Mumbai 102.58 94.70
Chennai 97.69 91.92
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Axis Banks 1050.00 50.00 533.00
Reliance 1050.00 33.00 533.00
Samsung 1050.00 33.00 533.00
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