Malibu, June 20: Alki David, a majority shareholder of Leventis-David Group that owns Coca-cola, was recently ordered to pay $900 million to an employee by Log Angeles jury. The Nigeria-born Cypriot-British businessman, apty termed as the "heir of the Coca-Cola company", was charged with harassing and sexually assaulting a woman who worked in one of his companies. The Los Angeles jury ruled out that the billionaire would have to pay the former employee who accused him of raping and harassing him for over three years period.

Alki David, a 56-year-old billionaire, has been married three times and divorced twice and has two children with his first wife - Andrew David and Alexander David. According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, the heir of the Coca-Cola bottling fortune was ordered by an L.A. jury, who unanimously ruled on Monday that he would have to pay the $900 million amount to the women. Pornhub Plans To Block Its Adult Entertainment Services to 5 More States in US Over New Age Verification Laws.

The report said that the woman filed a lawsuit against Alkiviades "Alki" David on charges of harassment and rape that took place from 2016 to 2019. Gary Dordick, the attorney representing the woman, said that "It's so despicable, the facts of this case" and added that Alki David raped his client while on trial in another case. The report said that the lawyer of David made no comments. 

The victim, in her late 30s, worked in several of Alki David's companies. One of the companies she worked for was Hologram USA, a leader in holographic technology, known for creating holograms of dead celebrities and running various internet streaming services. Back when she was working at this company, she knew David as a "media mogul and billionaire". 

Gary Dordick's firm said that they had lost multiple other "sexual misconducts" brought against the accused, and he, along with his businesses, had been ordered to pay $70 million in combined damages. The jury awarded what the firm believed to be "one of the largest sexual assault verdicts in history". According to the victim, Alki David's behaviour, from the start, was concerning in the office. A different female colleague already told the victim that David had forcibly kissed her. While on the trip to his private island in Greece, the complainant faced the same behaviour when David tried to kiss her but later apologised when she turned away. Sex Videos Recommended to Minors on Instagram: Meta-Owned App Recommends Sexual Videos to Teenagers Interested in Adult Content, Claims Report.

After being laid off later that year from the company, she did not speak with David until 2018. Alki David offered her a job as a brand ambassador at his Swiss-X factory, involved in cannabis manufacturing. She accepted the role, but she was invited back by him to the hotel. Alki David, drunk and disoriented, masturbated and forced her to touch his penis. Later in 2019, David allegedly raped her in a small room during a business meeting in the presence of his Doberman Pinscher. 

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