Idaho, June 20: Pornhub, a popular adult film site, is planning to block its services to five more US states due to age verification laws to prevent children from accessing these websites. In March 2024, Pornhub reportedly shut down its services in Texas state in the US over the same reason.  The adult entertainment platform will now block its services to five more states, including Idaho, Nebraska, Kansas, Indiana and Kentucky.

The Verge reported that the Pornhub website had already shut down in over a half dozen states in protest of the 'age verification laws'. The report highlighted that the age-verification laws quickly spread in conservative-leading states. Pornhub will stop its services on June 28, 2024 in Idaho, Indiana and Kansas. After that, the other reports confirmed that the adult entertainment website will block its services to Kentucky on July 10 and will be inaccessible in Nebraska from July 17, 2024. Pornhub Website Disabled in Texas: Adult Entertainment Platform Shuts Down Its Services in US State to Protest Age Verification Law, Say Reports.

The report highlighted that the spokesperson of Aylo, Pornhub's parent company, who asked to be identified as 'Ian' over safety concerns, said more about the blocking of the website. He emphasised that not only Pornhub but all the adult websites operated by Aylo will face a blackout. Pornhub's parent website has over a dozen other brands. Aylo further said that the new law required adults to upload a valid form of government ID to confirm they are above 18 years old. 

On the other hand, such surveillance systems have been criticised by an international internet civil liberty promoter, Electronic Frontier Foundation, over fears of misuse or theft of data. The California-based non-profit organisation said private data would be collected and sold by default. Ilya Sutskever, Former OpenAI Co-Founder, Starts New AI Company Called ‘Superintelligence Inc’ After a Month of Leaving ChatGPT-Developer.

Aylo said that it would support the age verification to prevent children from accessing adult websites and consuming pornography; however, it described the current laws as "ineffective, haphazard and dangerous". The adult entertainment website, Pornhub, is already blocked in the following states - Utah, North Carolina, Texas, Arkansas, Montana, Louisiana and Mississippi.

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