Benjamin Netanyahu’s Wife Sara Admits of Illegally Ordering Catered Meals at PM’s Residence
Benjamin Netanyahu's Wife, Sara. (Photo Credits: ANI)

Jerusalem, June 16: Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife Sara Netanyahu on Sunday was convicted in the Prepared Food Affair as a part of a plea bargain, which ended a 4-year legal battle. As the session court began, Netanyahu confirmed her acceptance of the plea deal. Donald Trump Sends Signed Map to Benjamin Netanyahu Showing Golan Heights as Part of Israel.

The plea deal saw Sara escape a conviction but admit to the lesser charge. Sara will pay NIS 55,000, reduced from original NIS 359,000. Sara's trail is different from her husband's legal woes, which revolves around taking bribes, illicit gifts and favours for positive media coverage. Fresh Elections in Israel as Benjamin Netanyahu Fails to Form Coalition.

"The defendant’s confession to the facts laid out in the amended indictment and to committing a criminal offence, and her agreement to be convicted without the need to hear evidence, guarantees she is taking responsibility, which carries a lot of weight,” attorney Erez Padan of the state prosecution said.

Sara was accused of spending 99,300 dollars on the outside catering while declaring there were no cooks available at the Prime Minister's residence. Last year, she was charged with fraud and breach of trust. The Isreali PM's wife will now have a criminal record.