Beijing, March 24: The local authorities of China's Shanghai have announced that the city will offer COVID-19 vaccinations to foreign residents as well. This makes Shanghai the first city in the country to provide coronavirus vaccine to non-Chinese residents, as per reports. Beginning March 29 foreigners of appropriate ages may book appointments online to receive a domestically developed shot, a public notice by the authorities said. China Plans to Provide COVID-19 Vaccines to Chinese Abroad, Olympians.

The entire cost of the COVID-19 Vaccination for the people will be around $15.35, insurance not included, reported Reuters. Chinese capital city of Beijing has also started providing the coronavirus vaccines to foreign journalists and diplomats living there. However, the vaccination drive leaves out most of the non-Chinese residents. China Says 16 Chinese COVID-19 Vaccines Undergoing Clinical Trials.

The Chinese authorities had also intended to establish COVID-19 vaccination centres to vaccinate natives living in foreign countries. “We are preparing to set up regional vaccination sites for domestically produced vaccines in countries where conditions permit, to provide services to compatriots in need in neighbouring countries,” diplomat Wang Yi had told.

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