New Delhi, December 16: The origins of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 infection have been a mystery since the pandemic struck the world. Birger Sorensen, a Norwegian virologist, has now claimed that the coronavirus is man-made and was leaked "accidentally" from a laboratory. Speaking to the Swedish news outlet Fria Tider, Birger Sorensen also said the structure of coronavirus and its rapid spread confirm that it did not come from animals. Coronavirus is Bioweapon? Congress MP Manish Tewari Shares Report That Says COVID-19 May Have Originated Due to Bioweapon Leak.

"I firmly believe that it was spread by accident. When US authorities conducted an inspection in Wuhan in 2018, it was described as a risk lab," Sorensen was quoted as saying. "There are many laboratories that have botched it and released viruses by mistake. The original Sars virus was released from Singapore," he added. He further said that the coronavirus leaked in August or September last year. Coronavirus Outbreak: Conspiracy Theories Floating on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp About Deadly Virus Spread.

"There are many examples of viruses leaked from class 3 and class 4 laboratories. I think the coronavirus leaked as early as the second half of August, early September 2019. There is a lot to suggest that," the Norwegian virologist said. He went on to say that the scientific community doesn't want people to believe that the virus came from a lab because it would lead to suspension of future research work on viruses.

"The scientific community doesn't want to discuss issues that may hinder future virus research," Sorensen opined, adding that no one has so far able to prove that the coronavirus came from nature. "There is no one who questions that it must be proven that the virus comes from nature. You have to prove that it comes from nature, otherwise, it comes from a laboratory," he stressed.

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