Minneapolis, May 29: Derek Chauvin, the policeman accused of killing an unarmed African American man, was taken into custody, top officials confirmed on Friday. A video showing Chauvin pressing his knee on the deceased - 46-year-old George Floyd - on Monday had went viral. Shortly after the assault, Floyd had succumbed to injuries. Barack Obama on Death of George Floyd in Minnesota: Racism Cannot Be ‘Normal’ in US.

"I have just received information from Andrew Evans, the superintendent of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, that the officer who has been identified as Derek Chauvin in the death of Mr Floyd has been taken into custody by the BCA," John Harrington, Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, told reporters.

In the explosive footage, Chauvin along with three other cops could be seen stopping Floyd who was moving in his car. They accused him of using a counterfeit currency note. Subsequently, the cops handcuffed the deceased and pinned him to the ground.

Chauvin could be seen pressing his knee on Floyd's neck for nearly five minutes, despite the latter gasping and telling him that he can't breathe. The death of Floyd sparked an outrage across Minnesota.

After four days of continuous demonstrations, a black rights' unrest has emerged across the US, with protests being reported from other states as well. The demonstrators have demanded enhanced protection to black and other coloured Americans from racism and white supremacist crimes.

The protests, they said, will continue till the four policemen are not tried for murder charges in an expedited manner. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, who has deployed the National Guard to restore law and order, has appealed the protesters to withdraw their agitation while assuring them of "absolute justice".

President Donald Trump also marked his sorrow over the death of Floyd, with a statement issued by the White House claiming that he was "very disturbed" on being informed. Trump, however, has disapproved the violent protests which have erupted in Minneapolis following the murder.

Calling the demonstrators as "thugs", Trump said they are hurting the legacy of Floyd by resorting to violence and loot. The President also warned of "shootings" if the lootings continue, and threatened to deploy federal law enforcement personnel to bring the situation under control.

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