Earthquake in Lombok: Quake of Magnitude 6.3 Hits Indonesian Island Again
Earthquake (Photo Credits: ANI)

Jakarta, August 19: A powerful earthquake of 6.3 magnitude hit the famous Lombok island in Indonesia again on Sunday. The US Geological Survey measured Sunday's quake, which was centred in the northeast of the island, at magnitude 6.3 and a depth of seven kilometres. Reports inform that tremors were also felt in the island's capital Mataram and on the neighbouring Bali island.  No reports of damage or injuries have been reported so far.

It must be noted that Indonesia is prone to such earthquakes as it is located on the “Ring of Fire,” an arc of volcanoes and fault lines in the Pacific Basin. Earlier today, a quake of magnitude 6.5 hit Sumbawa Region in Indonesia. According to a tweet by ANI, the quake struck the Sumbawa region at 9:40 am IST.  Sumbawa is an Indonesian island, located in the middle of the Lesser Sunda Islands chain, with Lombok to the west, Flores to the east, and Sumba further to the southeast.

The latest quake in Lombok comes two weeks after a massive quake jolted the region earlier this month. The quake killed 460 people, damaged thousands of homes and displaced several hundred thousand people. Reports inform that scores of tourists had left Lombok since the August 5 quake, fearing further earthquakes in the region. The two consecutive quakes come hours after a massive earthquake of 8.2-magnitude earthquake rattled Fiji islands.  

On Friday, a strong earthquake shook an area in Indonesia’s Flores Sea. There were no immediate reports of damage or tsunami warnings.