Imran Khan Inaugurates Clean and Green Pakistan Campaign, See Pics
Imran Khan launches Clean Green Pakistan (Credits:Pakistan)

Islamabad, October 14: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday inaugurated a countrywide 'Clean Green Pakistan' campaign for tackling the rising pollution and global warming. He kicked off the campaign by planting a tree and sweeping the lawn at the Islamabad College for Girls in Islamabad. During the event, Imran Khan also mentioned that he wants to make Pakistan cleaner than Europe. India Agrees To Imran Khan's Request For Meeting With Pakistan at UNGA; Says It Shouldn't Be Seen As 'Talks Or Resumption Of Dialogue'.

Imran Khan, while launching the campaign, wrote on his Twitter handle, "Today I launched our #CleanGreenPakistan campaign - a 4-pronged strategy for next 5 yrs: clean our air, our rivers, our land & make Pak green through tree plantation drive. I want all our nation to be involved, esp youth & children to lead from the front & change ppl's mindsets"

Speaking on the occasion, Imran Khan urged the students and youth generation to lead the clean green campaign, as it is connected with the future of Pakistan.

Speaking after launching the initiative, Geo News quoted Khan as saying, "Pakistan ranks seventh among countries affected by global warming, [while] Lahore is among the cities with the highest pollution level. There is no litter in Europe. We litter our country, our lakes and are destroying the future of our country. Pollution decreases 11 years of a person's life. We need to get out of this mindset that Pakistan will remain same as before."

For alarming people about the cleanliness and global warming, Pakistan's ruling party, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) have launched a twitter handle of CleanGreenPakistan to educate people. He hoped that under the clean green initiative nearly 10 billion trees will be planted, which would be enough to control the country's global warming.