Millionaire Shrien Dewani Now Dating a Hunky Photographer After Being Proven Innocent in Wife Anni's 2010 Murder Case
Shrien Dewani (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Businessman Shrien Dewani who was accused of killing his wife in 2010 has reportedly recently found his love interest again. He was later found not guilty in the case and is currently in a relationship with Brazilian-born photographer Gledison Lopez Martins. Dewani came out as bisexual on the first day of the case trial while his parents said they had no idea of their son's sexuality.

According to a report in Daily Mail, Dewani came to Mumbai with his Brazilian boyfriend and was seen spending some quality time with him. The families are aware of the relationship and both Dewani's and Martins' family met each other lately.

During the Cape Town trial, Dewani revealed he had been paying gay prostitutes for sex. Dewani had married Anni, a Swedish-raised engineer when she was 28 years old. A few weeks into the marriage, she was shot dead during their honeymoon in Cape Town on November 13, 2010. Three men who were given jail for killing Anni said that Dewani had arranged a hijack where his wife would die and he would survive.

However, Cape Town judges did not believe the theory and the case was prolonged. Dewani pleaded that he was let go by two men who held him at gunpoint. As the case went on, Dewani was declared innocent with the judges saying that the witnesses were lying.

Daily Mail quoted Anni's uncle Ashok as saying, "We have not moved on or had a word from him. We accept he did not murder Anni, but he lied to us and had a very secret gay life. He owes us an apology for his lies. We only came to know about him sleeping with men at his trial. But if Shrien had told us the truth about his sexuality before the marriage, Anni would never have married him or gone to South Africa where she was shot dead."