Working after their shift is over is something that most people don't like. However some tasks should definitely not be stopped even if your shift has ended. But a Pakistani pilot flatly refused to do duty after his shift was over, that too at the 'very wrong time'. The shift of a Pakistani pilot ended when the plane had started its journey.  UFO Sighting for Real? Pilot Claims to Capture 12 UFOs 'Flying in Formation' Over Pacific Ocean in The Form of 'Weird' Rotating Lights (WATCH VIDEO)

After the plane's emergency landing, the pilot flatly refused to complete the journey. A Pakistan International Airlines plane took off from Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh for Islamabad on Sunday. After flying for some time, PK-9754 landed in Dammam, Saudi Arabia due to bad weather. Thereafter, the pilot of the flight refused to fly from Dammam to Islamabad as his duty hours were over.

Due to this logic of the pilot, the passengers got angry due to the flight not taking off. In protest, they refused to get down from the plane. Eventually, the airport authorities had to call for security to bring the situation under control and hotel arrangements were made for the passengers at the airport.  Indonesia: Man With Coronavirus Dons Niqab, Disguises as Wife to Board Plane, Caught by Flight Attendant

A spokesperson said that the passengers would land in Islamabad the same day by 11 pm. The incident comes two months after the national carrier expanded its flight operations to Saudi Arabia.

Just two months ago, PIA expanded its service to Saudi Arabia. Similarly, last month, passengers on a British Airways flight were stranded for more than 5 hours. It was reported that the pilot of the flight has become corona positive but later this information turned out to be wrong.

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