Latur, Jun 30 (PTI) A court in Latur in Maharashtra sentenced three men to life imprisonment and fined them Rs 2,000 each for murder, an official said on Tuesday.

District and Sessions Judge RS Tiwari, in a recent order, held Rohit Waghmare, Alim Sayyed and Pawan Sarwade guilty of killing Parmeshwar Lakhadive outside a bar on January 29, 2018.

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As per the prosecution, Waghmare, Sayyed and Sarwade were sitting in the bar while the victim was at a different table and drinking when an altercation ensued over a trivial matter.

The three accosted Lakhadive at a pan shop outside the bar and beat him, the incident getting recorded in a CCTV camera in the vicinity.

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Lakdhadive died in a hospital the next day and the CCTV recording and his dying declaration led to the conviction of the three men.

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