Kolkata, Jun 30 (PTI) Admitting lapses in the clinical management of COVID-19 patients in state-run as well as private hospitals here, the state health department on Tuesday isued an advisory, including careful triaging of patients as per their symptoms.

Stating that a team of experts has spotted the gaps, the health department stressed that the COVID-19 top sheet, as suggested by its clinical management protocol should be properly maintained.

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"The bed in-charges need to maintain their daily notes properly. There must be appropriate oxygen prescription mentioning the dose, appliance to be used and target saturation. This has to be closely monitored," the advisory added.

Steroids are to be administered if oxygen requirement increases and if inflammatory markers are increased it should be usually three to five days. Anticoagulant prophylaxis is to be given for moderate cases while in severe cases under appropriate circumstances, therapeutic dose may be used, it said.

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Use of antibiotics should be guided by clinical situation and culture reports and appropriate management must be provided for comorbid conditions with specialist input, the advisory said.

Regular follow-up of patients with moderate/severe symptoms would allow early recognition of danger signs, timely clinical intervention and referral where required, it added. PTI SCH KK KK 06302313 NNNN, the only African American driver in NASCAR's top series, has been the sport's most outspoken voice since Floyd died while in the custody of Minneapolis police, sparking massive protests in all 50 states and around the world demanding an end to law enforcement brutality against people of color.

Wallace's T-shirt carried Floyd's pleading words when an officer, identified as Derek Chauvin, pinned a knee on his neck for more than eight minutes while he was handcuffed. Chauvin and three other officers have been fired and charged in the incident, which followed the deaths of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.

Protesters have cited all three African American victims in their demands for social justice.

After Phelps spoke to the NASCAR drivers, they observed a 30-second moment of silence. Then, as the cars refired their engines and slowly pulled away for the green flag, the Fox broadcast cut to a video made by a number of Cup drivers, including Wallace and seven-time champion Jimmie Johnson, as well as retired star Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Several drivers also posted the video on their Twitter accounts, vowing to “listen and learn" from the protests that have rocked the nation. The vowed to “no longer be silent” and pledged to “work together to make real change.”

With its roots in the South and one-time embrace of Confederate symbols, NASCAR has a checkered racial history. The organization has launched diversity programs but still struggles to shake its reputation as a largely white sport.

During a shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, NASCAR driver Kyle Larson was fired after casually uttering a racial slur while competing in a video racing game.

“We need step up more than we ever have before,” said former Cup star Jeff Gordon, now a Fox broadcaster. "We are listening, we are learning and we are ready to change." (AP)

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