Mumbai, July 19: The All India Jamaitul Quresh, a Mumbai-based meat trader association has filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in Bombay High Court on Monday seeking direction for the State government to allow sacrifices of water buffaloes for the upcoming festival of Bakra-Eid.

The Petitioner had moved PIL on Saturday on which Bombay High Court today agreed to hear the petition on Tuesday. In its petition, Vice President of the association Imran Babu Qureshi has pleaded that the Bombay High Court issue an order to the state government to make available a place at Deonar abattoir for the sacrifice of water buffaloes on Bakra Eid scheduled on coming July 21. Eid-Ul-Azha 2021: Assam Govt Issues Guidelines for Bakrid Celebration; All Persons To Celebrate at Home, 5 Persons Allowed at Mosques.

The petition also states that the state government has declared Bakra Eid as a holiday and abattoirs to remain closed. However, staff of abattoirs were earlier being deployed for sacrifices but due to the pandemic, the state government and other authorities have not issued any order to perform sacrifices of water buffalo on Eid.

The petitioner also submitted that Eid al-Adha is a festival for the Muslims and the followers of Islam. This year it is scheduled to be held on July 21. As a part of religious practices of the community, sacrifices of the cattle including water buffaloes takes place.

As far as the Muslim Community in Mumbai and its suburban districts are concerned, due to the dense population and cosmopolitan city, it is not possible to make ad-hoc arrangements and the best way forward is to conduct sacrifice/ slaughtering at Deonar Abattor, stated the petitioner.

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