New Delhi, June 7: Global hospitality firm Hyatt Hotels Corporation has suspended operations at Hyatt Regency hotel in Mumbai, and said the property will remain closed till further notice.

"As a result of no funds forthcoming from Asian Hotels (West) Ltd, the owner of Hyatt Regency Mumbai, to sustain the operations of the hotel, a decision has been taken to temporarily suspend all operations for Hyatt Regency Mumbai," Sunjae Sharma, Vice President and Country Head - India, Hyatt said in response to a query from PTI. RBI Introduces Rs 15,000 Crore Liquidity Window for Contact-Intensive Sectors Like Hotels, Restaurants, Saloons. 

The hotel will remain closed until further notice, he added. Sharma, however, did not provide any details on since when funds have not been forthcoming. "Future reservations through Hyatt booking channels will remain temporarily unavailable," Sharma said.

At Hyatt, "our guests and colleagues are a top priority, and we are working closely with the hotel's owner to resolve this situation," he added.

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