India News | Shramik Special Train's Route Diversion Leaves Passengers Baffled, Railway Officials Cite Traffic Congestion

Rourkela/Kolkata, May 23 (PTI) Dispelling apprehensions that a Gorakhpur-bound Shramik Special from Maharashtra had mistakenly taken the route through Rourkela in Odisha on Saturday, Railway officials said that it was a planned diversion due to traffic congestion.

Hundreds of migrant workers had boarded the special train on Thursday from Vasai Road in Maharashtra for Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh and were baffled when it arrived at Rourkela.

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Some of the passengers took to Twitter saying they feared that the driver had taken the wrong route.

"There is no question of the train losing its way or its driver forgetting the route. We were very much aware that it is going to pass through Rourkela station. During its halt, the train received water and other necessary things before proceeding towards its destination," Rourkela Station Manager Abhay Mishra said .

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He said there is congestion on different routes as a large number of Shramik special trains are being run to ferry people stranded in different parts of the country due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Therefore, several trains are being diverted in order to avoid traffic jam and to ensure smooth movement so that people reach their destinations without being halted anywhere, he said.

Sources in the South Eastern Railway zone, under which Rourkela comes, also said in Kolkata that it was a planned diversion owing to traffic congestion on the original route.

There is nothing unusual in it, they said.

As part of the exercise to clear congestion, the Gorakhpur-bound train from Vasai was diverted and it passed through Rourkela where it stopped for around 15 minutes to replenish water and other necessities, the Rourkela station manager said.

Another railway official said there was no reason for the passengers to worry as the Shramik trains are being run from one point to another without any stoppages.

If necessary, these trains halt at certain stations only to fill water and meet other requirements, he said.

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