Prayagraj, October 9: Dussehra idol makers who were worried about sales and income during the past few months due to the Covid-19 pandemic have become optimistic due to the unlock guidelines announced by the government.

"We're in the business of making idols the entire year. We prepared idols for Dussehra before the lockdown and since then have kept them in our shops. Nobody approached us until the unlock guidelines were released. Now organisers have approached us for Durga idols," Nav Kumar, an idol maker, told ANI.

He said, "This is the only trade we know. We've no other way to support our families. We're hopeful that some idols will be sold in this Durga Puja and we'll finally have some income." Navratri 2020 Celebrations: No Garba in Gujarat This Year Due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

Another sculptor, Bansi Pal said, "I have been making idols and sculptures since my childhood. The last few months were difficult since we had no work or income. I am glad the government has finally decided to open the market slowly."

Dussehra festivities bring opportunities for good sales and profits for idol makers across North India and the unlock guidelines have brought a sigh of relief to many in the business.

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