Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], May 22 (ANI): Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Thursday said that his government's endeavour was to get Rythu Bandhu Scheme support for the farmers and to make them get a competitive price for their crops through regulatory farming methods and cultivation.He declared that only by cultivating the crops that have demand in the market, the farmers would get a good price."Agriculture is a major activity in Telangana. The future of agriculture should be promising. The Telangana farmers should earn profits by selling quality products in the world market," CM Rao said.An extended meeting was held here at Pragathi Bhavan on Thursday on cultivation under regulatory methods. Ministers, senior officials, several Corporation Chairmen, Collectors, District Agriculture officials, District Rythu Bandhu Samithi Presidents, officials from the Agriculture University, scientists participated in the meeting."Farmers are incurring losses as they are all cultivating the crops which have less demand in the market. The government has done a lot of thinking on the matter and suggested farmers follow the regulatory cultivation methods. The agriculture scientists have decided which crop should be cultivated, where and to what extent? The Agro-business wing has decided on which crop has more demand in the market. Based on this, the government is making suggestions. If farmers follow the government suggestions and cultivate the crops accordingly then they will not be at loss," he said."Last year during monsoon, paddy was cultivated in 40 lakh acres. This time also paddy should be cultivated to the same extent of land. Last year, Cotton was cultivated in 53 lakh acres. This year it should be increased to 70 lakh acres. Red-gram was cultivated in 7 lakh acres last year. This year it should be in 15 Lakh acres. Soya bean, Turmeric, Chilli, vegetables and other such crops like in the last year, should be cultivated in the same extent of land," he added."Farmers producing a variety of seeds should continue their efforts. Maize cultivation is not beneficial during the monsoon and hence should not be cultivated during this season. Maize can be cultivated during Rabi," he said."Those cultivating maize during the monsoon should switch over to cotton and grams. Be cautious about the Paddy varieties. Cultivate those varieties, which have demand in the market. There is a lot of demand for Telangana Sona variety. Cultivate that. There is an international market for rice, which has a 6.5 mm size morsels. Cultivate that variety," the Chief Minister suggested. (ANI)

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