Two Sloth Bears Rescued from Well

Chandrapur, Jan 15 (PTI) Two sloth bears that had fallen into a well at a farm in Savri village in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, were rescued early on Wednesday, officials said.

The forest officials said that the two animals might have slipped into the open well, which did not have a parapet wall, while trying to eat berries from a tree located there.

The incident came to light when the farmer, in whose farm the well was located, informed the forest officials this morning.

On being alerted, a forest team rushed to the spot. The villagers urged them to capture and shift the animals as they had been spotted in the village on multiple occasions and caused panic among the locals.

Accordingly, ladders were lowered into the well and cages were set up above the ground to trap them.

"The bears climbed the ladders and entered the cages. They were later released in a forest area after a medical examination," a Range forest officer said.

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