Vanuatu Threatens to Sue Fossil Fuel Companies
US Military Cancels 300 Million USD Financial Aid to Pakistan. (Photo Credit: ANI)

Katowice [Poland], Dec 18 (ANI): Vanuatu, an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean, has threatened to sue fossil fuel companies and governments aiding their practices which adds to worsening climatic conditions.

The island is facing existential danger due to global warming, with destructive storms regularly making landfall in the nation which is amongst the poorest countries in the world.

"Vanuatu is now considering taking legal action both against these fossil fuel companies, but also potentially the governments that are facilitating them, subsidising them, allowing them to operate this way," Ralph Regenvanu, the foreign minister of Vanuatu, told CNN at the COP24 summit here.

He further stated that the aim was to put the costs of climate protection on fossil fuel companies, complicit and aiding governments, and financial institutions who have created the crisis.

The nation is currently engaged with lawyers into finding national and international jurisdictions where Vanuatu will be able to drag some of the world's largest fossil fuel companies to court.

"We are hoping that other countries will show an interest to join us in these actions," Regenvanu said. (ANI)

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