Thimphu [Bhutan], July 23 (ANI): Amid struggling mandarin farming, some of the farmers have switched to Avocado cultivation in the Gomdar Gewog of Bhutan as an alternative source of income.

This comes as the farmers suffered a devastating blow to their mandarin orchards due to a citrus disease outbreak. Moreover, the avocado farming has already started to yield positive results for some of the farmers. Notably Gomdar Gewog in Samdrup Jongkhar, Bhutan Live reported.

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Mandarin was the main source of income for families in Gomdar Gewog for a long time.

However, the citrus greening outbreak wreaked havoc, destroying the crops and causing huge losses. Most farmers are now in serious need of alternatives as a result of this.

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In Gomdar Gewog, Tshering, one of the farmers, was the first to try avocado farming in 2012. He now has approximately 70 avocado trees, and he earns about Nu 30,000 year from about 30 fruit-bearing avocado trees, according to Bhutan Live.

He thinks avocado farming can be successful if fruit drop problems can be solved, despite difficulties like lower prices in the local market compared to urban areas.

There are currently about 27 homes with fruiting avocado trees, and additional villagers are showing interest in planting avocado plants. In Gomdar Gewog, more than 300 households have started growing avocados, Bhutan Live reported.

Citrus disease outbreaks, climate change, and ineffective orchard management were blamed by the district's agriculture sector for the decline of mandarin trees. By providing seedlings, the agricultural sector is attempting to reinvigorate the cultivation of mandarins.

They are urging the people to diversify their crops by raising other fruit-bearing trees, such as avocados. (ANI)

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