The determined mindset and the ability to reach new heights saw Candace Dugas aka Kandy take on her entrepreneurial journey. She is one of the most sought motivational speakers who started from rags to riches and built her own empire from scratch. Candace grew up in the rough parts of the Bay Area. Her road to reach the top was not easy as she had a fair share of struggles. She is an expert credit coach who established one of the leading credit repair companies named Asap Financial Solutions, LLC.

Life threw many challenges to this single mother who has raised five daughters on her own. She is also a grandmother to four and has made a perfect balance between her personal and professional life. She took her education from Argosy University where she studied behavioral psychology. With an aim to become a life coach and a mentor, little did Kandy know that life had something else in the store for her. In December 2018, the entrepreneur became a certified credit specialist and founded the company. She bid adieu to her mainstream 9 to 5 job and opened her first office in June 2019.

Kandy has only one goal in her life - to empower young women by eradicating the financial crisis from their life. At ASAP Financial Solutions, LLC she teaches her clients the value of credit and also helps and coaches them with starting their own business. The idea of empowering women has helped Candace lead a revolution as she has successfully motivated countless number of women to step out on faith and start the business they had been afraid to start. A business genius which she is, Kandy makes sure to upgrade herself to stay ahead in the race.

With her expertise as a credit specialist, Kandy is also a tax preparer, and trains and assist people with operating a tax business from home. Initially, she was sought out mostly by women. But that changed quickly as she is assisting people from all walks of life that are experiencing economic hardships. “The poor financial status hampers their credit score and my job is to not let that happen”, said the entrepreneur. Over the years, the credit specialist has helped many people in having a good credit score. Under her professional guidance, many people have achieved their financial goals as well. Candace Dugas with her hard work has made transformed and brought financial stability in many people’s lives.

The entrepreneur recently celebrated the opening of her second office in March 2020. Despite the scare of COVID-19 pandemic, the opening was successful and her business is going in full swing. For her second venture, she has added tax and life insurance as well to her brand. To know more about the entrepreneur and her company, check out the website  and