There has been an increased interest in the real estate industry over the past decade. Everyone from homebuyers to sellers is trying to educate themselves about various aspects of the industry. If you search on YouTube for educational videos about real estate, then you might come across a new channel named “Emmitt The Real Estate Minute.” It is a free educational platform designed specifically for real estate agents, buyers, sellers and investors.

Emmitt Combs, who is a real estate broker at Combs Premier Realty Group, is the owner and main video creator of the channel. He creates educational real estate videos based on his knowledge and experience in the real estate industry. They’re short five-minute videos on average that offer tips about everything from how to build credit without credit repair to surviving the coronavirus pandemic as a real estate owner.

“My platform is designed to help real estate agents and other stakeholders in the industry,” said Combs. “It is also a platform to promote our real estate workshops and to encourage homebuyers to attend those workshops and learn additional information about the topics discussed in the videos.”

In 2015, Combs started his real estate career in South Florida. At the time, Combs did not know anybody in Florida because he had just moved there from his native state of Georgia. Since thriving in the real estate industry depends on connections, he knew his path to success would be a rocky one.

“The culture was different, and the only thing I had going for me was my accounting and investment background,” said Combs. “I also knew that I didn’t fit in with any of the brokerages that I had met with. I worked as a real estate agent for two years until I finally decided to launch my own brokerage the first chance I got.”

In 2017, Combs moved to Orlando and launched his new real estate brokerage. However, his approach to running the brokerage was a bit different than what most other real estate brokers do. Rather than waste money on advertisements and marketing teams, Combs initially conducted all of the real estate transactions on his own. He did not recruit any real estate agents to the brokerage directly.

“I was confident in my ability to sell real estate, so I didn’t bother trying to scout for agents to join my brokerage,” said Combs. “But as I began selling more properties, I found many of my home buyers were eager to become real estate agents too. Since I created such a fabulous home buying experience for them, they were encouraged to obtain their real estate licenses and join my brokerage.”

By 2019, Combs acquired 35 agents from South Florida to Central Florida. He never anticipated building his brokerage network to include so many agents. It forced him to train all of his new agents on how to generate leads while continuing to build his business at the same time. That was when he decided to launch the first home buyer workshop tour ever.

“The tour went to five different cities every three months to educate agents and homebuyers simultaneously and to help generate leads for agents all across the state of Florida,” said Combs. “After our revenue grew 153% within the first year, my wife decided to leave her corporate job and join my team. It has been an amazing experience for my family and I.”

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