When we first approached Tyler about this interview his name stood out because we knew he was crushing the game when it came to all things marketing, so when we needed an email marketing expert, Tyler was the first person whose name came to mind, and here's why. Tyler Espitia is a well-known Stock and Options trader and a crazy innovative online marketer who has cemented himself as a serial entrepreneur over the past few years. To build the name he has for himself in such a short period within a highly competitive industry such as the trading industry is a noteworthy feat in itself. But Tyler has had great success with various marketing tactics promoting his brand, course, and various products, and for the purpose of today's article, specifically email marketing. 

Anyone who’s ever met Tyler in person will understand why he’s as successful as he is today. He is sharp, and as we observed one of the most “outside the box thinking” marketers we've come across at his age. So when our team heard about Tyler’s E-book on email marketing, we knew things would be too perfect for our interview with Tyler. Although he’s been very successful with trading, and his trading academy that has been featured on Entrepreneur, he’s also one of the few 23-year-olds we know that has made over a million dollars via email marketing. 

Why did you decide to create an email marketing E-book? 

It’s funny how I decided to write an E-Book on email marketing actually, it was late December and I was thinking about how I can teach someone something I know with little to no money because things are getting harder and people need to make money fast so I created the E-Book showing step by step on creating Landing Pages, how to get clients, how to sell your products or services through email marketing.

What can we learn from your new email marketing E-book? 

So my newest E-Book was my email marketing E-Book which teaches people who have businesses that offer products or services how to sell their stuff through emails, also it teaches people how to sell through email marketing so they can find clients who need this type of service and get paid through revenue share or just a flat monthly fee.

Who can your E-book help? 

Well, let’s first start by saying that this E-Book and all the E-Books in the past and even the ones coming up are for the people who need to learn something that works and makes money. Think about it bro, who doesn’t have an email? Who doesn’t check their email? Do you get emails? Have you ever bought or did something through an email? The point is everyone has an email and it’s up to you to get the action you want through it because everyone checks it.

I first did email marketing for some small businesses in LA when I was younger until I decided to use email marketing for my future businesses which I have made over a million dollars on doing. Everything I talk about is the truth and real because I actually have done and still do what I teach that’s why it’s duplicable for anyone. People don’t buy my stuff and do not learn from my teachings.

The laydown 

If you are new to business, or even have a few years under your belt. Now is the best time to begin your email marketing campaigns, and having the step by step guidance of a 7 figure email marketer breaking down the process he’s used to create millions, well now is your chance. To grab Tyler’s newest E-book check it out here.