So, do you think that forex trading can make you a millionaire? Meet India’s self-made Millionaire Mr. Shashikant Sharma. The 34 years old man raised eyebrows, when he became India’s richest Forex Trader. He has successfully mastered the art of trading currencies at the age of 34.

Born and brought up in India in a middle-class family, he never got any support from his family. However, he never stopped dreaming.  He is a funny man, reasonably tolerant and loves Lord Ravan. He is a Professional wealth analyst and also into Account Management.

More About Shashikant Sharma

He has always aimed big. Moreover, he always wanted to do something big in his life. According to him, it doesn't really matter what your background is. What you achieve in life, is what matters.

Although it was not that much easy for him to make money in the beginning, he fought on. He has also lost a lot of money in the process. This was because of the lack of knowledge. So, he studies the markets hard now. 

There are a lot of scammers as well, in this industry. People make a lot of money, based on the fluctuations of the current market. It is a sort of legalized betting. However, the business is risky, as you need to invest money as well. If all goes well, you can strike gold.

His journey in the world of Forex has been exciting. He was just 22 years old when he read about Forex on the Internet. He found it very interesting.  When he heard that one can make money by forex trading from the comfort of one’s home, he was excited. He started off, without having any training or knowledge. But soon he realized that training is very important for all kinds of businesses.

He has become a successful Forex Trader after a lot of struggle in the Forex Market. There are a lot of factors like knowledge, practice and mind control that give you success. 

The Journey So Far Of India’s Forex Trade Millionaire

Now after spending a good ten years in the Forex Market, he has achieved a lot. You name it, he has it. Luxury sports cars, money, international holidays, branded clothes and watches and a very lavish lifestyle. Many of you will be inspired by his story. However, also keep in mind that he has given a lot of time and money to the Forex Market. There is no short cut to success. His luxurious life is the result of his smart work and most importantly his passion to achieve his goals. 

He is an avid racer, and owns the best sports and luxury cars. And, it seems from his Instagram Account, that he is an avid lover of dogs.

‘If you have that much dedication to follow your dreams and goals then you can too achieve anything in life,’ said the 34 years old Forex Trader.