Everyone’s fitness regimes took a huge toll during the pandemic. With lockdown ensued, people found it easier to laze around without any physical activity to help them stay fit. With things going back to normal, a difficulty in adapting to the hectic schedules could be seen. Having realised the repercussions pretty early on the way, Jase Stevens started with ‘Man The FUp’, an online fitness coaching sphere that helped the people all over to maintain a necessary fitness regime all through the lockdown.

Jase Stevens along with this partner, Amer Kamra curated the idea for these online fitness classes. They also make it a point to cater to the mental health of men around the globe and empower them to be better versions of themselves. They use fitness as a medium to communicate better which in turn make them different from other fitness institutes.

Started less than a year ago, the company could be seen climbing ladders of success already. Based in Toronto, Canada, the company was established during the pandemic and now earns in more than six figures a month. They believe that one needs to change their narrative in order to change their life. Making small changes in your day to day life can bring a huge variation in your way of thinking. Man The FUp understands that roadblocks can occur at any time. They strive to provide a structure to the ones lost on the way of life through inculcating fitness habits in them.

Apart from this regulated fitness expedition, they also have a brand sponsor named ‘Muscle Tech’ which redefines the limits of nutrition and brings forth the idea of healthy diets. Taking a leap to fix and fight any temptation that strays you away from your goal is what they would help you do.

With a multitude of men benefitting from the numerous verticals by Jase and Amer, they have established a ground of trust and conviction to mould yourself into what you always wanted to be.