Matthias Nezzar is an internationally known entrepreneur personality who has always been interested in sports and sports coaching. When he was at the age of 22, he worked at a sports club where he was involved in selling equipment and services to various clients. People around him noticed that he had selling skills which were extremely extraordinary. He had the ability to form a quick compassionate bond with the clients and make them understand why a particular service is of interest to them.

Eventually, Matthias wanted to start something of his own because the shackles of being an employee restricted him and his practices. It was almost as it was destined, Matthias Nezzar met international entrepreneur David Michigan through a Facebook advertisement. Matthias recognized David's quality of being an ''attraction" visibility expert and a "conversion" sales specialist. Soon after, Matthias left his job at the sports club despite receiving major promotion offers.

David Michigan and Matthias Nezzar partnered to introduce the hybrid coaching model to the world of sports coaches and teachers. It is a revolutionary coaching model which enables a sports coach to earn locally (physically, at regional level) and on the Internet through various clients and prospects. Under this, Matthias and David help sports coaches to form and develop themselves digitally. This digital image then attracts various potential clients and prospects ready to buy the services of the coach. There is a direct increase in revenue generation and quality of work experience.

In today's date, the digital world has gained increased importance among businesses. The Internet has effectively removed physical and geographical barriers and helped people form a large customer base. This is exactly what Matthias and David promote, encourage and enable among sports coaches who find it difficult to make their services available to an international market.

The Hybrid Coaching and Hybrid Partners business of Matthias Nezzar and David Michigan has achieved international recognition and has earned a turnover of 1,397,000€ for the year 2020, amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Currently, the duo is working on the establishment of a school which will have a hybrid form of learning and teaching.