On November 2, 2020, OrbitEX announced its acquisition of the US MSB License, Canadian MSB license and Australian ASIC license. The acquisition of these licenses symbolizes the success of OrbitEX’s globalization strategy of Crypto Exchange.

This symbolizes a further step of OrbitEX's compliance and globalization. Acquiring the licenses allows OrbitEX to legally provide digital property services in the US, Canada and Australia. OrbitEX can now provide service in the US and worldwide under the supervision of the US Department of Treasury and other regulators.

The acquisition of the International MSB License is an important landmark of the standardized management and global strategy. But we believe that OrbitEX has much more potential. With the expanding vision of OrbitEX in the future, its digital value carrier VC, will be a popular digital currency in the encrypt market.

OrbitEX  said it will help new and seasoned investors, who are looking for access to non-traditional investment options.

As a result, OrbitEX said it will become one of only a few fully licensed and operating digital assets exchanges worldwide.

OrbitEX added that it aims to meet a key need of consumers in the Middle East of being Sharia-compliant.

The exchange allows for the deposit, trade, and withdrawal of digital assets in the users’ local currency while offering the most competitive fees possible, a statement said.

Looking to serve both retail and institutional investors, Bahrain-based OrbitEX said it will offer three major trading pairs: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH),Tether (USDT) and more that 60 cryptocurrencies.

Bernard Sam’an, OrbitEX’s co-founder and CEO said that the exchange was developed to provide the region with affordable and seamless access to digital assets, underpinned by high-quality services and stable banking relationships.

He added: “Obtaining the licence from the US and Australia allows us to operate under one of the most robust and globally-renowned digital assets regulatory frameworks where governance, security, and customer protection are central to all our operations.

“As OrbitEX grows, we will be providing access to additional digital assets and expanding the jurisdictions we operate in, with the view of becoming one of the leading digital assets exchanges on a global scale.”

OrbitEx (https://www.orbitex.space/ )