ClassyJaii Hair Collection

Orlando, FL., ClassyJaii Hair Collection.  Started in 2019, owned by Jaila Hicks, ClassyJaii Hair Collection is a trendsetting, online hair company. Jaila started the hair company as a college student needing to make extra money. A side-hustle turned passion showed Jaila how she impacts people when helping them feel beautiful. Now in 2021, her passion motivates her to keep striving in her business. With a team of innovators and forward thinkers behind the brand, ClassyJaii Hair Collection is consistently improving the customer experience. Her team is an incredible source of inspiration and dedication to ensuring their clients look and feel confident. ClassyJaii Hair Collection is on the search for two well-known brand ambassadors to further their brand presence. They encourage those who want high quality, unforgettable extensions to visit their website.

Lastly, Jaila Hicks speaks to people who want to enter the hair industry. “Don’t give up! Despite all the competitors, your price is your price.” Quality speaks for itself. To check out Jaila’s hair company or to apply as a brand ambassador, visit her website and social media listed below. 

Facebook- Jaila Hicks

Raw Candi Beauty

Kentwood, MI., Raw Candi Beauty is a luxury hair company that specializes in sourcing the BEST raw hair extensions for women of acquired taste. Our hair is known for enhancing beauty and activating a glamorous sensation. Raw Candi Beauty normalizes beauty, luxury, and self-care amongst the melanin community. They promote natural hair care and growth by providing hair extensions as a form of protective styling. With proper care and maintenance, their high-quality hair extensions will last at least five years. Raw Candi Beauty sources all unprocessed hair extensions from its origin. Our customers do not have to worry about damaging their natural hair; especially the women that wear platinum blonde extensions because their extensions can be lightened to the lightest level shade of blonde without damage by following what is recommended by the manufacturer, precisely. To shop their luxurious hair-extensions, connect with Raw Candi Beauty on social media.

Silk Me Kids 

New Orleans, Silk Me Kids is the Walt Disney of salons and spas for children. Established in 2017, Silk Me Kids provides a creative, family friendly and safe environment where children can be themselves. Their products and services provide manageability to children’s hair that could only be achieved through true hair health. As the first salon and spa in New Orleans, Silk Me Kids spa and salon services create confidence in children. Children leave this salon with moisturized, soft, cared for hair.  Silk Me Kids’ is on the path to become an educational leader within their community by working to provide your children with spotlights and opportunities to embrace their natural tresses. To learn more about Silk me Kids or schedule an appointment for your child visit them their website at 

Hands & Help 4U, LLC 

Lake City, FL., Hands & Help 4U, LLC is a disabled and senior citizen assistance company. They service clients Age 35 and up, ensuring their needs are met. Hands & Help 4U, LLC was established on December 9th, 2019. To care for your loved ones, they offer 1:1 in-home visits and amazing services including but not limited to: Housekeeping and Laundry[LG1] , Meal prep, grocery shopping services, well-being checks, transportation within 70 miles of residence, companionship services and more. They are accepting clients starting April 5th, 2021 in the following Florida cities: Jacksonville, White Springs, Orlando, Lake City, Live Oak and Gainesville. If you or someone you may know is interested in any services provided by Hands & Help 4U, LLC, they can be reached via social media at 

Refined Beginnings Counseling 

Kennesaw, Ga., Owned by Professor Renet’e Washington, Refined Beginnings currently provides counseling to clients in Florida, Georgia, and Virginia. Renet’e Washington LPC, LMHC is a native of South Carolina who currently resides in the state of Georgia. Mrs. Washington is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida and a Licensed Professional Counselor in the States of Virginia and Georgia.  Mrs. Washington started her business immediately after obtaining her master’s degree. She utilized the proceeds from her employment to fund her business and follow her dream of being a business owner. Mrs. Washington’s vision is to educate and destigmatize mental health in the black community to build stronger communities. Mrs. Washington has curated two projects that are dear to her mission. The “No Weak Links Tribe” as well as a teen parent group where she encourages self-love as a key to the foundation of success.  A key component in business is knowing yourself and making sure that your values align with your purpose. Mrs. Washington is passionate about working with clients in crisis or those who suffer from life stressors; however, she enjoys working with all persons to assist them in overcoming any barriers that may reduce his/her success in life. You can connect with Refined Beginnings on Instagram, Facebook, and Clubhouse.



               No Weak Links Tribe

Clubhouse:  No Weak Links Tribe

L’amour Boutique

 Philadelphia, PA., L’amour Boutique. As a curvy woman, owner, Alicia Rivera felt that there were not enough fashionable, trendy places for her to shop. Because of this she created L’amour Boutique, an online clothing boutique that is known for providing the perfect outfit for all women, including the curvier woman. In addition to clothing and accessories, L’amour boutique also carries handmade bath and body essentials. Their product line contains whipped body butters, milk baths, and sugar scrubs. As of February 17th. 2021, L’amour Boutique will have been in business for 1 year and will continue to ensure that their products are affordable. To celebrate their 1 year opening anniversary, each week they will be offering promotions to introduce new products to their bath and body line. Make sure you do not miss L’amour boutique’s celebration and raffle giveaway by staying connected to them by visiting their website 

 Tami Webb Artistry

 New York, Tami Webb Artistry provides hair and makeup services for wedding, engagement, and special occasions. They are committed to making you feel your absolute best by creating a once in a lifetime experience on your special day. Want to be the bride you have always dreamed of? Located in the New York/ Westchester area, they welcome clients to come enjoy their services. With patience, skill, and passion for the beauty industry, they create the look you have envisioned. Look back on the photos from your special day and be happy that you called Tami Webb Artistry. To check out this amazing company, visit their website at and stay connected with them via their social media listed below.

Couture Aesthetics

 Atlanta, Ga., Couture Aesthetics, Couture Aesthetics represents a lifestyle of women who desire healthy intimate areas. Founded in September of 2019 by DNaya Eubanks, Couture Aesthetics was created to exemplify beauty within women. Couture Aesthetics provides waxing services as well as various products customized to your skin type. Not only will their services and amazing products leave you feeling inspired, empowered, and confident, but the vaginal education that they provide will teach you how to further love and treat your intimate area. If you are traveling through, located in or near the Atlanta area, Couture Aesthetics is a place to check out.  Do yourself a favor and head over to their website at to schedule an appointment. Keep up with their promotional offers and announcements by connecting with them on social media.



 SCE Credit Solutions is a woman, minority, veteran owned credit repair company that focuses on helping veteran or government employees navigate their way to financial freedom through financial literacy and credit restoration. This enables government employees and veterans to keep their security clearance all while having access to the American dream. Because credit is an important determining factor in everyday life, SCE Credit Solutions would love to speak with you to help you take control of your current credit. For assistance or a consultation please reach out to SCE Credit Solutions via their website as well as their social media accounts below.




4everly HER Collection

 4everly HER Collection, founded by Brittney Mills, focuses on accentuating your looks with the best quality feels by  combining your beauty with an eye-catching look. Their slogan “Everything For Her, Everything Pretty” describes their passion for making every woman feel beautiful and confident in their pieces. 4everly HER Collection is the Crown Jewels of accessories, providing Go-To accent pieces for every woman’s attire. Priding themselves in satisfaction guaranteed, you can count on 4everly HER Collection to find a piece that will make heads turn and eyes stare. Head over to Instagram at to find the perfect piece for yourself or as a gift.