Amidst fast changing market conditions, companies that have mastered the art and science of consumer centric product offerings are thriving while providing sustainable and curated alternatives to traditional healthcare and lifestyle solutions.

Such is the case of Canafarma Corporation (CSE:CNFA) a young but burgeoning company that has quickly positioned itself at the leading edge of today´s highly competitive global marketplace.

As expert analysts continue supporting existing growth projections for the company, early investors have already materialized capital gains in excess of 300% of the initial share price investment.

Leading consumer preferences.

A research survey conducted by The Integer Group in 2019 found what CBD products consumers are looking for, why they want to purchase CBD products, and other insightful information to better understand underlying market trends.

The survey found that 52% of CBD shoppers want to use it for pain relief, while 39% want to use the items for relaxation. Now for the more important stuff – what types of CBD products are consumers buying in order to fulfill their needs?

  • 48% of shoppers buy oils/tinctures
  • 45% of shoppers buy edibles
  • 42% of shoppers buy topicals, lotions, creams, and rubs
  • 33% of shoppers buy beauty and skincare
  • 32% of shoppers buy pills/capsules

Canafarma executives announced that the company will launch two new hemp oil-infused chewing gums in July.

The move expands the hemp-focused group's flagship YOOFORIC chewing gum brand, under its confectionary line.

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