Alam Ara Clocks 88 Years: Know All About India's First Ever Talkies Film
Alam Ara movie still (Photo Credits: Wikipedia)

Hindi films have undergone a massive transformation ever since its inception. Be it the content, actors, cinematography or anything else for that matter- everything has evolved to a different level altogether in today's times. Not to mention, we watch movies in multiplexes and cinema halls now while earlier it was single screens or even movie talkies. Did you know today marks 88 years of India's first ever talkie film? The talkie era began in India back in 1931 on the same date i.e. March 14. And the first film to get featured at the talkies was Ardeshir Irani's Alam Ara. We bet you didn't know the fact that film film's lead actress, Zubeda, is Rhea Pillai's grand-mom. Rishi Kapoor Pays Tribute to Grandfather Prithviraj Kapoor on Death Anniversary.

The meaning of Alam Ara is The Ornament of the World. It was India's first ever sound film and made its debut at the Majestic Cinema today. The film was houseful for the next eight weeks, which was a pretty big deal for those times. The first Indian talkie became so popular among the masses that police had actually been called to control the crowds. The film starred Master Vithal as Jahangir Khan, Zubeida as Alamara and Prithviraj Kapoor as General Adil Khan.