The jolly season of Christmas is here. And as we enter the last two weeks of December, two things are for sure to happen - the urge to snuggle and binge some movies that capture the holiday spirit. The genre of Christmas movies has always been loved and cherished by many. But its popularity and the amount of comfort it provides have especially increased in the past few years. For those who just miss the holiday spirit, dream of a white Christmas or want to get lost in the world of all things happy, Christmas movies are here to their rescue. And as we prepare for the week leading to Christmas 2021, here are the Best Christmas Movies of All Time. Christmas Cocktails 2021: Five Must-Try Drink Recipes To Make You Feel Alive and Enrich Your Holiday Season This Year! (Watch Videos).

1. Elf

You cannot talk about Christmas movies without mentioning Buddy The Elf. This classic, starring Will Farrel, has successfully spread the holiday cheer for years and continues to be gold. This movie has it all, from the stellar cinematography that made the Elf world seem real to the heart-warming simplistic story that strikes a chord with all.

2.Home Alone

If spending Christmas away from your family makes you sad, this classic series is sure to come to your rescue. Look at all that a kid, who is alone at Christmas, can do! While the public favourite has to be the first two Home Alone movies, the entire series will surely put a smile on your face. And well, if that is not enough, the most recent addition to this series is sure to do the trick, thanks to all its very many tricks.

3. The Holiday

There is something about finding love in the season of joy that has us rooting. And The Holiday is the perfect example of this. From getting through heartbreak to finding oneself to having that dream relationship to, of course, celebrating two very stark Christmases, this movie has it all and more. If watching The Holiday is not a part of your holiday season ritual, it sure needs to be the addition you make this year!

4. Klaus

While various animation movies connect with our little ones and leave us with a smile, this fairly new movie has to be a unique addition. Klaus captures the spirit and magic of Christmas and delivers a movie that is not only enjoyed by kids but actually makes a strong connection with the adults as well.

5. Single All The Way

Most Christmas love stories have the same classic plot. And this is no different, except that it is very different. Not a moment of sadness, no unnecessary conflict and a whole lot of wholesome relationships, Single All The Way needs to be the newest addition to your Christmas movies list.

The season is fleeting, so don't waste your precious festive time channel surfing or digging through streaming platforms. Quickly get ready with the popcorn bowl and start binge-watching!

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