During a live performance at the Carter Road Amphitheater in Mumbai on June 8, singer-composer Ankit Tiwari had to abruptly stop his concert when his cameraman fainted on stage. This unexpected incident occurred midway through the show and was captured on video by Instant Bollywood, later shared on their Instagram page. The video shows a concerned Ankit immediately noticing the cameraman’s collapse and rushing over to assist. The concert, which had been drawing significant attention from fans, suddenly turned into a moment of concern and quick action as the artist attended to his colleague. Ankit Tiwari Opens Up About His Obsession of Delivering Romantic Hits.

In the footage, Ankit Tiwari can be seen offering water to the fainted cameraman and making sure he received prompt medical attention. The singer’s actions were praised by those in attendance and on social media, reflecting his professionalism and compassion. Take a look at the video from Ankit’s concert below:

Cameraman Faints At Ankit Tiwari’s Mumbai Concert


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Ankit Tiwari, renowned for hit songs like “Sunn Raha Hai”, “Galliyan”, “Phir Na Mile” among others, encountered a severe legal crisis that threatened his career when he was accused of raping his girlfriend, and his brother was charged with making threats to her. The case garnered significant media attention, putting Ankit under intense public scrutiny. However, the prosecution’s case faltered as the complainant did not support the allegations during the trial. Consequently, in April 2017, both Tiwari and his brother were acquitted of all charges by the Mumbai Sessions Court due to insufficient evidence.

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