Bharat: Katrina Kaif's Dialogue 'Itne Bhari Gyaan Ki Zarurat Nahi Hai' Is The New One Liner Twitterati is Busy Making Memes Of!
Katrina Kaif in Bharat (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif starrer Bharat's trailer recently hit the internet. While the fans are impressed with the extravagance, the memes had to make way to the internet. Just when the desi Twitterati was busy laughing on the memes on Game of Thrones fame Arya Stark, they found a new inspiration in Katrina Kaif now! Her humorous and stern dialogue shown in the trailer is the new thing! Kat says, "itni bhari gyaan ki zarurat nahi hai" to Salman in the film and that was enough for the meme-makers. Bharat Trailer: Move Over Salman Khan's Swagger, It Is Katrina Kaif Who Steals The Show; Here's How!.

The social media platforms are now filled with funny and lit memes and jokes dedicated to this one prominent dialogue from the film. However, this time it is not to troll the film but just to relish Katrina's feisty avatar! Here are a few memes in case you have missed them amid the GoT drama!

To all the grammar nazis:

To all the nerds:

To fake foodies:

To all the Engineers:

To all the hopeless lovers:

It is just a streak of luck that Katrina was roped in into the film after Priyanka Chopra's sudden exit. However, the fans were still happy that they would get to watch the ultra popular pair of Salman and Kat again on the silver screen. The ex-flames did create wonders though! The Ali Abbas Zafar flick is an Eid release as it is hitting the internet on June 5. So, Katrina has won the audience with her look and dialogue delivery as well and her fans sure want to see more of her!