Ileana D’Cruz Condemns Mali Massacre that Claimed Lives of 130 Fulani Villagers
Ileana D'Cruz condemns the Mali massacre (Photo Credits: Instagram)

It was sad Saturday morning for the Fulani villagers when gunmen surrounded the village before attacking the people. The attackers targeted certain village families whom they believed had a connection with certain jihadist groups. Witnesses also told AFP that nearly all the huts in the village had been burned down with gun firing and machetes. After the recent terror attack in New Zealand's Christchurch's mosques, this is the recent militia attack that's making noise for all the wrong reasons. While there are certain debates and political uproar happening on the attack, Ileana D'Cruz is the only B-town celeb who has come ahead to condemn it. 4 Civilians Killed, Soldiers Wounded in Mali Attack on French Troops.

Ileana took to her Twitter account today to condemn the brutal act and requesting us to be kind-hearted souls. It’s so so heartbreaking reading about the hate that’s going around the world right now...we are all HUMAN...why can’t we just get along? There should be more stories of kindness and humanity, not hate  Please be kind to someone today, they might need it more than you know, she tweeted!

Check out Ileana's tweet below

Recently the country was in the news when a Mali-based al-Qaeda affiliate attacked a military base that claimed the lives of over 20 soldiers. The UN Ambassadors are currently in the country encouraging peace talks.