Kartik Aaryan’s Fan Trembles on Meeting Him, Video of This Young Girl Going Down on Her Knees Goes Viral
Fan Trembles With Excitement On Meeting Kartik Aaryan (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Kartik Aaryan is one handsome hunk and we have seen how his female fan followers wait to catch a glimpse of him. Be it outside the airport or anywhere on the streets of Mumbai, the female fan followers just wait to get a picture with him. We have often seen videos in which girls try to pull the actor’s cheeks but Kartik has never reacted angrily. And that sweet gesture of him have won netizens’ hearts. Here’s another video of a fangirl who was seen trembling when she met her favourite actor. Kartik Aaryan’s Fan Pulls His Cheek, Netizens Are Not Impressed with Her Fangirl Behaviour! (Watch Viral Video).

It is not something new, fans waiting outside their favourite actor’s residence. This young girl, who is a big fan of Kartik Aaryan was waiting outside his home, just to catch a glimpse of him and yes, click a picture with him as well. But who knew that she was so anxious and would even go down on her knee? Yes, this young girl went down on her knees to propose the Luka Chuppi actor and what happened next was totally unexpected. She was trembling with excitement and Kartik just hugged her and made her feel better.

Video Of Kartik Aaryan’s Fan Proposing Him

We are not sure if the other girls were her friends or just onlookers, but even they were surprised to see the girl going down on her knees. Kartik has always been left with such sweet and sometimes shocking surprises by his female fans. We wonder what else would be in store for him!