Laila Majnu: 5 Reasons Why Avinash Tiwary-Tripti Dimri's Film Will Impress the Fans of Romance
Laila Majnu

In a week where Love is clashing with War at the box office, it is the former that is winning the hearts. Laila Majnu is a near-faithful retelling of one of India's most tragic love stories. Budding actors Avinash Tiwary and Tripti Dimri play the main leads in the directorial debut of Sajid Ali. Sajid has also co-written the film along with his famous elder brother, Imtiaz Ali. While the movie has been released with low buzz and therefore came with low expectations, it now feels like a good tactic. For the movie turned out to be a pleasantly good experience. ICYMI, here's our review of the film - Laila Majnu Movie Review: An Enchanting Avinash Tiwary and Confident Tripti Dimri Impress Big Time in This Beautifully Shot Love Story.

Laila Majnu has its flaws - the writing falters in some places and the movie is a bit too long. The age-old premise might not appeal to the younger viewers who might prefer flashier love stories. However, if you are a sucker for old-world romance, then Laila Majnu will definitely appeal to you, especially if you are familiar with the folklore. Here are five reasons why Laila Majnu is recommended.

Avinash Tiwary

Nearly everyone in the cast is really good, including Tripti Dimri and Sumit Kaul, who plays the haughty, cunning antagonist. However, the star of the show is, undoubtedly, Avinash Tiwary. Earlier seen in the likeable Tu Hai Mera Sunday, Avinash impresses right from his first scene, with his diction and confident body language. As the movie progresses, we slowly see the range of the actor in him, as his character slowly descends into madness. The third act is terrific, mostly because of his brilliant acting. Bollywood, do open your eyes and doors to this talent!

The Kashmiri Setting

Kashmir is almost like a character in the film. The beautiful locales, the culture and costumes help in giving the love story a distinct flavour to the love story. The cinematography puts the pretty locales to really good use. If more people watch the film, we are sure the tourism sales in the state will get a boost.

The Direction

It is not easy to make an engaging movie that tells a story we have seen in countless films. Here's where Sajid Ali's confident direction comes in hand. The debutant director makes sure the proceedings are engaging throughout, even when the writing fails to keep up pace. He smartly uses the locales of Kashmir and the music to enhance the love story, without going overboard.

The Music

Laila Majnu's soundtrack is composed Joi Barua and Niladri Kumar, who have done a wonderful job in creating a musical personality for the film. It is easily one of the best albums of the year, if not the best. Every song in Laila Majnu is a gem, but our fave track is...

The Hafiz Hafiz track

There comes a moment in a film that turns it from good to very good, if not great. In the case of Laila Majnu, that moment comes with the song, Hafiz Hafiz. Not only is the song beautifully composed and sung energetically by Mohit Chauhan, it is terrifically picturised, as our Majnu goes further and further into insanity in love with what he feels is the unattainable Laila. Avinash is just awesome in this scene, and by the time, the song reaches the final moments, we sure get goosebumps.

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