Manto Song Mantoiyat: Raftaar Slammed by Korean Band BTS Fans For 'Plagiarism'; Rapper Responds Saying NOT His Fault! Watch Videos
Manto Song Mantoiyat: Rapper Raftaar Slammed by Korean Band BTS Fans For 'Plagiarism'; Rapper Responds Saying NOT His Fault! Watch Videos

It's strange that a film based on the controversial writer Sadat Hassan Manto has a rap song! It is even stranger that the same song has now been accused of plagiarising from a Korean singer's music video. The latest song from Manto, starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the lead, is Mantoiyat. Composed and sung by Raftaar, the song has been getting quite the appreciation. Also the backlash! Manto Song MANTOIYAT Video: Nawazuddin Siddiqui Starrer Raftaars Rap Is Hard-hitting and Hardcore!

The fans of Korean band BTS has been slamming Raftaar for plagiarising the video of the single of its lead singer Rap Monster's track' 'Do You'. The fans have accused the Mantoiyat track of stealing the visuals from the Korean track, including the zoom angles, the making and certain set designs. BTS has a very strong fan-base on social media and many are not happy with Manto for not crediting the singer. They have taken to Twitter to slam Raftaar for 'lifting' the song without proper permissions.

Here's the video of the Manto song Mantoiyat, also featuring Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

And for your reference (and comparison), here the song of Rap Monster's 'Do You' -

Check out some of the fans' reactions below -

Raftaar has bravely responded to the accusations on Twitter, while claiming that it is not his fault that the songs look similar, but the people who directed the video.  MANTOIYAT was directed by Mumbai-based filmmaker Shalini Harshwal. Check out Raftaar's tweets below -

The BTS band has not officially responded to this controversy yet, but most of their fans have forgiven Raftaar after his tweets.

Earlier this year, Veere Di Wedding song Laaj Sharam has also been accused of stealing the video of a K-pop song. With such plagiarism caught so easily on social media, we wonder why makers go for such easy paths, just to be shamed later.