Meena Kumari was an enigma. The actress who was popularly known as the tragedy queen because of the kind of roles she did in movies was a highly talented individual. She started acting at the age of four because she had to support her family. Since then, she has done all kinds of roles from mythology to comedy to romance to family drama. She always had this soft, calm demeanour despite the tormented characters she used to play on the screen. But how many of you are aware that she was also an excellent writer? Her ghazals, nazms were an extension of her life and its various experiences. Today on her birth anniversary, we decided to share with you some fascinating words penned down by the amazing actress named, Meena Kumari.  Meena Kumari Birth Anniversary Special: 10 Evergreen Hit Songs of The Tragedy Queen That will Always Stay With Us

The night that doesn't listen to the heart

Rains have never been celebrated in a better way than this...

The sleeping loneliness

Finding the name...

The light, the night

Javed Akhtar had said once in an interview, “People like Meena Kumari are paradoxes. We try to understand them, we appreciate them, we criticise them, we pity them, we laugh at them, we admire them. But they remain paradoxes.” A paradox who left behind words that cherishes love and loneliness.

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