Here's The journey of Pretty Tony From Rags to Riches
Pretty Tony (Photo Credits: File Image)

The former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, once said, "We need to steer clear of this poverty of ambition, where people want to drive fancy cars and wear nice clothes and live in nice apartments but don't want to work hard to accomplish these things. Everyone should try to realize their full potential."

Now while you can accuse Pretty Tony of a lot of things, you can never in a month of Sundays accuse the larger than life rapper of poverty of ambition, or for that matter lacking in the sort of work ethic which made America great.

In case you didn't know, Pretty Tony is a character who courts a lot of attention, and with that attention come a lot of haters. Because when the haters see Pretty Tony, they don't see a man who worked his fingers to the bone both day and night to drag himself up from the crumbs and create the sort of life for himself he once only visualized in his wildest dreams.

No! When they look at the flamboyant hip-hopper they see only a player who travels in the private jets, rocks the solid gold bling, drives the expensive sports cars, wines and dines in the finest restaurants, lives in the luxury penthouses, sails on the superyachts parties with the hottest ladies and lives like there's no tomorrow. And do you know what? They resent it. They hate on it big time because they don't think this white dude from St.Louis deserves any of it.

But here's the thing. All the success that came Pretty Tony's way wasn't just handed to the hip-hopper on a plate. He had to earn it and earn it the hard way. Pretty Tony's journey is the very embodiment of the American dream. It's a classic tale from rags to riches.

Born Jeffery Q Sanders, the man who would become Pretty Tony once worked a number of jobs such as a Real Estate investor and Finance Manager, but his heart just wasn't in any of them.

Realizing that the sort of future he craved himself wasn't just going to happen, but had to be made to happen, he reinvented himself as Pretty Tony and set about chasing his dreams.

As Pretty Tony is fond of saying, "I can lace your boots, but you have to walk on your own."

Things began taking off for Pretty Tony in a big way when his song "Retire Me A stripper" became a runaway hit. All the strip joints started playing it, and it received national exposure on the radio.

From then on, the sky really has been the limit as Pretty Tony continues to travel the world in style. He plays to his fans whilst ignoring the haters and remains forever keen to spread the message that with ambition and hard work, anything is possible. As Michael Onfray once poignantly put it, "You cannot kill a breeze, a wind, a fragrance, you cannot kill a dream or an ambition."