Grammy Awards 2019 Red Carpet at 200 Feet Is the Longest in Entertainment History
Alicia Keys rolls out the Grammys red carpet (Photo Credits: E!)

The 61st annual Grammy Awards will be held tonight. Who's who of the music industry are set to mark their attendance at the gala event. Well, most of them. Some names like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Drake will be MIA. While we are eagerly waiting to learn the names of the winners of various categories, there is also a guilty pleasure that makes Grammys worthwhile. Red carpet appearances. We wait to see our favourite celebs dress up to the T and walk down the red carpet answering questions by the press. "Who are you wearing?", remains an eternal favourite. Well, this time around artists will have a walking space way beyond than what they expected.

The official Twitter handle for the Grammys has revealed that the red carpet at Grammys 2019 will be 200 ft long. Yes, you read that right. TWO HUNDRED FEET LONG. This will be the longest red carpet ever at an entertainment awards show. Alicia Keys, who will be hosting the ceremony this year, officially rolled out the red carpet two days ago. So, this year's Grammys is already breaking records. Let us see what else is new for us in the store tonight. Grammy Awards 2019 Live Streaming in IST: How to Watch 61st Grammys Full Show Live In India? Get Date & Time; TV & Online Telecast Details!

For starters, we have an incredible line up of stars who will be performing and presenting awards. K-Pop group BTS will be making their Grammy debut as they have been roped in to present an award. We are looking forward to seeing them walk the red carpet.

Rihanna, without a doubt, is going to bring something exemplary to the said red carpet. Her dress is going to stand out. Beyonce, too, is a sure shot name in all the best-dressed lists. With a longer red carpet, will it be too sadistic to expect more celebs tripping over nothing? The social media feeds are going to be full of Grammy red carpet memes tomorrow. More than any year.