Walt Disney Birthday: Interesting Facts About The Late Much-Loved American Animator That Will Leave You Spellbound!
Walt Disney (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The younger as well as the older generation, all are extremely thankful to Mr Walt Disney! The artiste and the animation king is responsible for giving the kids of the generations together with the fondest memories of watching Television. From the princess stories like of Snowwhite and her seven dwarf and cult figures like Mickey Mouse to the modern-day princesses like Elsa-Anna in Frozen, their journey is commendable! With so many movies and now a digital streaming platform helmed by the brand, it is very easy to forget how it all started! Here are some super interesting facts of the main man, Walter Elias Disney, that will leave you awestruck.

Ambulance Driver 

Walt quit school at the mere age of sixteen as he aspired to be in the army. However, as he was labelled as underage for the big responsibility, he has got to work as an ambulance driver Red Cross, France.

Private Secret Apartment in Disneyland

Anyone would visit Disneyland at the drop of a hat if given a chance! But imagine having a secret apartment there! Walt had his own apartment near the fire station which is still accessible to the authorities and VIPs.

From D'Isigny to Disney

His family was original of French origin with the last name as D'Isigny. However, later on in years, they anglicized their last name to Disney which is now one of the most popular surnames in the history of cinema!

Train Fanatic

Walt Disney, who loved to watch passing trains as a kid, grew a fascination for himself for them as an adult. He eventually ended up creating a mini half-mile track with a real train in the backyard of his LA home. That also inspired him to create a monorail in Disneyland.

The Jungle Book (1967)

Before his death in 1966 due to lung cancer, Walt was himself involved in the making of the original The Jungle Book movie. He was present during the making of the flick and did overlook the process himself.

The 'Kurt Russell' Mystery 


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The fans and actor Kurt Russell are yet to figure out the head and tail of this mysterious incident. On his death bed, Walt Disney wrote the name of Kurt Russell on paper with no explanation whatsoever. Kurt, who was a child actor then, never understood this reference to date.

So, these were some of the super interesting facts of Walt Disney that probably are not known by many. While the fans will continue to shower love on the Disney outings, one could never thank Walt enough for starting it all in the first place.