After taking over Fox, Disney has huge plans to integrate X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And probably Marvel will do a better job than whatever Dark Phoenix was. As per the reports, the studio is planning several X-Men cameo in the forthcoming Marvel movies. A report by We Got This Covered suggests that everyone's favourite mutant Wolverine will make an entry in Black Panther sequel, which is scheduled to release on release on May 6th, 2022. Chances are monumentally slim that Hugh Jackman will reprise the role after hanging up the mantel in LoganJames Mangold Calls Killing of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in Logan 'Logical', Here's Why.

As per the website, the meet up will happen due to Adamantium. Wolverine's claws are made of Adamantium, an alloy of Vibranium, which plays a major role in making Wakanda the superpower nation that it is. Will Wolverine also receive treatment like The Winter Soldier in the scientifically superior country of Wakanda? Time will tell.

Also, recently during a watch party of X-Men: Days of Future Past, producer Simon Kinberg revealed what he thinks would be an ideal way for X-Men to join the MCU. He appreciated the Marvel Studios for being loyal to the comics. Marvel's Version of Aquaman, Namor to Enter MCU With Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther 2?

"They also are very unafraid of a more supernatural or science fiction tonality to their movies," he explained. "They don't feel like they need to ground them so much in a sort of physics-based reality. I think there's something very great and liberating and spectacular about that. I think the X-Men could be very cool if you brought in science fiction elements and even the beyond Earth elements of the X-Men. That's something as a fan I would love to see, because I don't know that we've ever fully done that in a fully committed way in the Fox X-Men canon."

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