Country singer Michael Monroe Goodman who is named after his parent's family friend, country music legend Bill Monroe, and grew up hanging out literally backstage at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, has just released his latest hit single, Not Today!

A seasoned country artist across America, Michael has headlined performances at Wrigley Field, Soldier Field, the Grand Ole Opry House stage, Chicago Motor Speedway Nascar and many other locations. With his latest single that was recorded in Los Angeles, CA, Michael tells Yahoo!, “It’s a story told from the perspective of a drug addict who struggles everyday with trying to find his next fix while wishing he had the strength to walk away from it. He remembers when he had a better life and yet he has lost all control of his current life due to the addiction that he has. In a moment of strength he finds ability to walk away but wonders if he will maintain the will power. I started the song when I was a teen and witnessed my parents battle with alcohol and narcotics. I was driven to sing about the loss of life from such an addiction. I later picked up the lyrics a few years ago and with a new perspective from the current opioid culture I finished it and decided to put on my next album. My wife lost her best friend to heroine use and so I recorded it with that I mind.”

As for what’s next for 2021 as tours begin again, “I’m hard at work with booking summer and fall tours. Busy getting everything in order to release  the new album in September and putting all the marketing behind to make it a big success and connect with new fans. My goal is to get out on the road and connect with the fans who really want genuine country music.”