Salman Khan's Reasons For Not Playing a Villain On Screen Will Make His Critics Go LOL and Fans say WOW!
Bad Boy, But Never A Baddie! (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

Ask big actors which character they enjoy playing the most on screen and chances are pretty high that they would say that the one that has the unmistakable shades of grey.  From Shah Rukh Khan to Amitabh Bachchan and from Naseeruddin Shah to Aamir Khan: All these stars have enjoyed playing negative characters on screen. Shah Rukh Khan especially is a noteworthy case. He was so mesmerized by the complexity of a negative role that he played a villain in movies such as Baazigar, Darr, Anjaam and Raam Jaane to mention a few.  But that's not the case with another Bollywood biggie Salman Khan!

Yes, Salman Khan has ruled the silver screen as indeed the ticket windows with his larger than life Dabangg presence, but never has the superstar played a villain in any of his movies. Ask the question why and pat comes the reply. Salman gave an interesting answer to the query in his interaction with Deccan Chronicle. "Having worked in the film industry for so long, I have noticed that the youth often follow whatever a hero does. They blindly ape their favourite stars. That's why I have decided never to play a villain on screen because people can get impressed by my actions," he said adding, "I don't want my fans to follow me and indulge in any wrong-doings," said Sallu.

Salman does make sense here, given the fan base he has who follow blindly what Bhai does, Salman Khan killing people on screen could be a dangerous proposition. That precisely is the reason why Bhai refuses to kiss on screen as well, for he fears that he should not propagate something he himself is not comfortable watching on screen with his family members.

In the initial part of his career and even in the mid-way through, Bhai has played the submissive, lovable Prem who is rooted in values. it's only in the later stage, in the recent past, Salman emerged as the ultimate macho star which worked in his favour.