2.0: 5 Scenes That Stood Out in Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's Visual Extravaganza (SPOILER ALERT)
2.0 Movie Posters (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Is 2.0 a good movie? Well, if you are purely watching the film to soak in Rajinikanth mass hysteria and special effects, then 2.0 might not disappoint you. But if your definition of a good film goes beyond its technical values, then 2.0 falters big time. Dull in parts, and insipid in others, 2.0 lacks the mass appeal of the Baahubali series and relies too much on the star-power of its lead actors. 2.0 is more than often a Rajinikanth show and the actor has fun playing not one, but four different roles! Akshay Kumar, meanwhile, takes his own sweet time to appear in person in 2.0, though his character manages to make an impact in a flashback scene.

While 2.0 may not be as much of a fun watch as its predecessor, it isn't without its moments. Some of Shankar's brilliance as a film-maker, coupled with Rajinikanth and Akshat Kumar's performance and the movie's reliance on the special effects do give rise to some memorable scenes in the film. They aren't perfect, but they are exactly the reason why you are in the theatre watching the movie.

The Title Sequence

The title sequence is a tribute to both the film's lead actor, Rajinikanth, as well as its 3D ambitions. Remember that IMAX 3D logo that appears at the start of any movie? 2.0 titles work just like that!

Chitti's Intro

The first half of the film is too into Anniyan mode. It is only almost near the interval point when things began to spice up. Not only does Chitti make a whistle-worthy entry, I was also impressed with Akshay's bird form. However, the fight scene feels something out of a Spider-Man, not very impressive.

The Villain's Backstory

It is always good to have a sympathetic villain, just see Thanos or Killmonger for reference. The backstory for the villain in Chitty is just heart-rending. Not only are we given a proper glimpse of Akshay Kumar (as an old man), we also understand his special connection with birds and understand his hurt when the birds get affected by cell phone radiation. The backstory is a bit too long, but it is impactful enough. Too bad, that the rest of the movie ditches the sympathies to make him a one-note CGI villain.

The Second Big Fight Sequence

Easily the best action sequence of the film. Akshay Kumar's character somehow takes control of Vaseegaran and then goes on a killing spree. Chitti arrives in to handle him, only to realise that he cannot control the villain without killing Vaseegaran. This is the only time when Akshay Kumar's character has an upper hand over Rajinikanth's, but then that's again because he possessed another Rajinikanth character. The seamless transformation between Akshay and Rajini is so well done and deserves applause!

The stadium fight

The long big fight in the climax is a razzmatazz of CGI and bad puns! There is also a twist with the third version of Chitti turning in to defeat the villain. How he looks is something of a surprise!