While there is outrage over the controversial poster of the documentary film Kaali directed by filmmaker Leena Manimekalai, Bollywood actress Meera Chopra also criticised the image shown in the poster of Goddess Kaali smoking a cigarette. Meera is known for appearing in films like 'Section 375', '1920', and Disney Hotstar's show KamathipuraKaali Poster Controversy: Complaint Filed Against Leena Manimekalai for Hurting Religious Sentiments, Director Clarifies.

Sharing her opinion on the matter Meera Chopra said, "Creative freedom is definitely needed to make honest and thought-provoking cinema and stories. However, being insensitive to the religious beliefs of the audience, or showing a certain section of the society in poor light, just to create controversy and hog the limelight, does not fall under the creative paradigm. I strongly detest such a portrayal of our gods and goddesses. And if this is what people think liberation means then I feel sad for them." Kaali: Leena Manimekali Defends Poster of Her Documentary After Pic of ‘Goddess’ Smoking Cigarette Causes Backlash on Social Media.

The actress is currently working on two films with very different subjects. She is playing the female protagonist in the upcoming film 'Safed'. 'Safed' depicts the atrocities against widows and transgenders. 'Safed's' first look was unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival this year by A.R Rahman. Another of her upcoming film 'Super Women' is India's first film on 'Asexuality.'

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