Bepannaah Written Episode Update, August 17, 2018: Aditya Has a Gift For Zoya
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Bepannaah starts with Anjana scolding the doctor on the phone and asking him to find Sakshi before she comes to the Hooda house. Zoya (Jennifer Winget) walks up right behind her and asks her what she is searching for, and she might be able to help her.

Anjana asks her if she was eavesdropping on her, Zoya though says that she just came to call her for a surprise. Anjana thinks that she is just getting so worried about Sakshi. Later they dance and sing together as Sakshi enters the venue in disguise as bhangra dancer.

Sakshi falls in her, and Zoya tries to help her. Adi(Harshad Chopda) too walks up to help her, but Anjana calls her off before Sakshi can show him her face. Zoya also is called off before Sakshi can reveal herself.

Sakshi notices Anjana around and also that she has sent Adi off to Anjana's room. Sakshi decides to follow Adi. Sakshi though finds Anjana in the room who traps her once again. Harsh notices someone struggling in his room and walks up.

Anjana in her attempt to control Sakshi hits her on the head. Harsh finds his room locked and Anjana calls out saying she is fine. Anjana drags Sakshi to her washroom. Sakshi returns to senses as she is bound in the bathroom. Noor and Shawn are opening some boxes when Arjun too walks up.

Noor asks Arjun if he is not forgetting something. She reminds him of his challenge to kiss her. Sakshi gets to the electric switches somehow. Arshad gets noodles for Zoya and says he saw her sharing this with Aditya.

Arshad asks her to have it. Zoya decides to share it with Arshad. Adi watches them and gets furiously jealous as he thinks that this was their thing. Arjun gets worried too watching the two together.

Adi walks to Zoya after Arshad walks away with a phone call. Adi asks her how she can share noodles with Arshad when this was their thing. Zoya follows Adi to his room.

Zoya manages to calm the angry one down by promising to share noodles with him after the event. Arshad searches for Zoya, but before he can call her, Noor gets to him. Arjun signals to Noor as she is keeping Arshad busy. Adi has a gift for Zoya, and she admires the gift as Adi says that it is the two of them.